Product Highlight: XPEL Interior Protection

By September 26, 2022 December 12th, 2022 xpel-products

Executive Auto Wraps is XPEL’s licensed dealer and installer for Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Considering this, more detail is beneficial to help customers decide the best choice for each Xpel product.

This article highlights Xpel Interior Protection.  You can drive worry free with a scratch free center console and interior. At Executive Auto, we install Ultimate Plus PPF to keep interior surfaces looking new. With precision cut patterns, the installation process is seamless.

A variety of Xpel paint protection films can be installed on interior surfaces – from Xpel Ultimate Plus, Ultimate Plus 10, and Ultimate Plus 7. Protect every surface: Center Consoles, Dashboards, Touch screens & Door components.

The interior surface of a vehicle is expose to wear and tear just like the exterior. Sometimes, even more wear and tear will be on the inside of the vehicle than exterior. With Xpel Interior Protection, it restores, renews and protects the most trafficked areas in your vehicle. Anything that can get scratched between trips, can be covered with Interior Paint Protection Film.

Specific benefits of Xpel Interior Protection, as explained on are:

Center Consoles & Controls – Interior Protection restores, renews, and protects the gloss piano black trim, carbon accents, and anything that’s getting scratched between trips.

Touch Screen & Displays – With touch screens & modern control interfaces becoming the standard, it’s never been a better time for anti-microbial protection. Constant touch can spread germs rapidly. XPEL RX has been specifically formulated to inhibit the growth of microbes on the film’s surface. With RX covering your touch screens, you’re taking INTERIOR PROTECTION to the next level.

Dashboard Trim & Fascias – Minimal dashes with large accent pieces are stunning for design, but a problem for car care. With INTERIOR PROTECTION from XPEL, the solution is simple. Keep high gloss surfaces like piano black looking scratch free. Give your carbon accents a “dry weave” appeal with STEALTH ™. You can even renew scratched areas with a single ULTIMATE PLUS ™ application. Dashboard protection has never looked or performed this good!

Door Panel Access & Trim – Some of the smallest surfaces can be the trickiest to protect, but we’ve got you covered. Xpel Interior Protection includes everything from small door controls like window switches and mirror toggles, to door trims & even handle cups. Don’t fret about your favorite rings, watches, and other accessories damaging your interior any longer.


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