Paint Protection Film

Executive Auto Wraps offers the highest quality paint protection film for cars on the market. Xpel Paint Protection Film, which is also called protective paint film, clear film for cars, or clear paint film is scientifically designed to create a sturdy layer of protection for your vehicle.

As Tulsa’s licensed Xpel dealer and Xpel PPF installer, Executive Auto Wraps takes the utmost care to ensure the correct installation of the paint protection film by using precision-cut technology and computer rendering to fit the specific model of your car.

Executive Auto Wraps offers a wide range of paint protection packages, on the areas of the car that need it the most or for your full vehicle. Scroll down to find out the packages offered for ultimate paint protection vehicle coverage.

Whether you drive a car, SUV, or truck, Executive Auto Wraps offers the best paint protection film with XPEL Paint Protection Films to protect your vehicle from everyday wear and tear.

  • Hood

  • Fenders (Full & Partial)

  • Door Edges

  • Handles / Steps

  • Side View Mirrors

  • Bumpers

  • Rocker Panels

  • Headlights

  • Full vehicle coverage

Common Vehicle Coverage With Paint Protection Film

A visual is always helpful. The following image shows the most commonly protected areas of the vehicle with paint protection film. And the options we can do. Pre-Cut kits, cuts for certain portions of the car or full vehicle PPF coverage.

Explore Our Films

XPEL protective films are perfect for any application to protect your vehicle – both inside and outside. Protect your paint, exterior and interior surfaces. Let’s take a look at what protection film levels are available.

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A virtually invisible film. Ultimate Plus protects your vehicle’s paint from damage increases value. Features include: Self Healing, Stain Resistance and Superior Optical Clarity.

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Discover Tulsa's leading PPF installation service at Executive Auto Wraps. Protect your car's paint with Xpel film for lasting shine and protection.


The XPEL STEALTH, is a paint protection film speccifically designed for protecting a flat factory finish.  Whether your vehicle is gloss, matte, magno, frozen or frosted, STEALTH will keep your vehicle looking brand new.

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Never let your car lose it’s pristine look – keep your interior clear of scratches, swirls, and blemishes with XPEL Interior Protection solutions.

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