Purchasing a new car is always a significant investment, and properly maintaining an already-owned car, takes a lot of time, and thought. So, it’s no wonder there are going to be a lot of questions when it comes to taking the time and money to have a professional Xpel Paint Protection Film installed on your vehicle.

The good news is that cosmetic damage is preventable with the technology that comes from Paint Protection Film (PPF). So, let’s answer those questions to keep your car looking brand new for years to come.


What is Paint Protection Film?

Xpel Paint Protection Film (or PPF) is a film made from virtually invisible urethane. It can be applied to any painted area that would receive damage from debris and require protection from rock chips, scratches, swirl marks and other road debris.


Is The Technology Behind Paint Protection Film Important?

Yes, it is very important. Some of the top technologies to consider when choosing an installation company for PPF is to ask about scratch and stain resistance, UV fading protection, different finishes, and the installation process. Making sure it can be appropriately installed with precision-cut PPF patterns is a very important part of the technology as well.


Is There A Warranty With Xpel Paint Protection Film?

Yes, Xpel Paint Protection film comes with a 10 year warranty, at no extra cost. The investment that paint protection film entails makes the warranty a big deal. It’s one of the top things to consider when choosing a paint protection film – not all paint film companies offer a 10 year warranty.


Does Paint Protection Film Really Self-Heal?

That’s a resounding YES! The urethane film is designed to self-heal when exposed to sunlight. It can heal from light scratches, small stone chips, and small knicks from road debris.


How Is Xpel Paint Protection Film Installed?

Before Xpel paint protection film is applied to the vehicle, we design and pre-cut specific panels using our specialized system. This leaves a flawless finish, with no need to cut on the car whatsoever. The pre-cut designs are then installed by highly trained, certified Xpel installers.


How Is Executive Auto Different Than Other Shops?

We take the time and care to provide services that are done in a proprietary way that ensures our customers receive quality over speed and quantity. We do things the right way, which means often receiving vehicles that need a repair on paint protection film that was poorly installed. The most important aspect of our company is our time – we have over 20 years of experience in vehicle customizing and vehicle paint protection. We believe in the Xpel Paint Protection Film services we offer. We believe in the work we do and we want you to also.

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