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Any car enthusiast knows how satisfying it is to wash, wax, and maintain their vehicle. You can drive around in a stylish car and show off your hard work. But, certain things are best left to the professionals – paint protection film installation is one of them. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to work on projects yourself, you may be tempted to try a DIY PPF install yourself. While it will initially save money, a paint protection film install as a DIY project may do more harm than good.

Let’s look at four reasons why paint protection film is best done by a professional:

1.A Clean Environment

Your home environment may seem like the perfect place to install PPF. However, to effectively perform a paint protection film install, you need an enclosed, controlled environment. Paint protection films are made of an elastomeric polyurethane film that is put on with a solid adhesive layer. If this layer picks up any little speck of dust, pollen, or dirt during the installation, it will show and create a bumpy, uneven finish on your vehicle. It will also produce air bubbles, which will give an unfinished look.

2.Proper Tools & Techniques

You may see how PPF is installed, but it’s more complex than buying a kit, spraying chemicals on your car’s exterior, and putting a cover over it. You must use the right tools and techniques to achieve the best results possible. Using a razor blade to outline your car’s shape could leave scratches on the car’s exterior; therefore, professional Xpel installation requires specific tools. Experienced Xpel technicians use computer-generated precut films to guarantee the perfect fit for every vehicle. 

3.The Right Amount of Time

Properly installing paint protection film requires several days of tremendous time and effort. For the professionals, completing the job takes 3-4 days. Trying to do a quick DIY PPF installation will require almost a week’s time, making it difficult depending on your driving needs. The weather can also impact how long the PPF takes to cure before you can drive it properly.

4.DIY PPF Is Poor Quality Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection films are costly – because they are challenging to manufacture. The rolls you find online may very well be defective rolls of PPF for a lower price. Bad paint protection films are prone to peels, stretch marks, and adhesive problems. While it may work temporarily, down the road, it will cause more issues with the vehicle’s appearance and paint. 

So, you’re considering a paint protection film install on your vehicle. In that case, your best option is to find a professional Xpel PPF dealer with the experience, tools, and equipment necessary to install the paint protection film properly. Not only will this save you time and headache, but you will also have a warranty from the Xpel dealer – something you wouldn’t get with a DIY install.

The only advantage to a DIY paint protection film is the cost. But, if it goes wrong or anything happens to it, you will spend even more money to start over and fix the damage.  Plus, a 10 year warranty is important – there is no warranty on a DIY paint install.

Trust Executive Auto Wraps With Your PPF Install

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